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Syrian hamsterHamsters are small, chunky-bodied rodents with thick fur, short tails and cheek pouches. Syrian hamsters, also known as golden hamsters, were introduced as pets by the American highway engineer Albert Marsh, who started a hamster breeding business in the 1940s. The Syrian hamster remains the most popular choice of pet hamster due to its low cost, ease of care and the many different variations available, although the various species of dwarf hamster are also commonly kept as pets.

Hamsters are nocturnal animals and, in the wild, burrow underground in the daylight hours to avoid predators. This makes a hamster an ideal pet if you are at work or school during the day as it will sleep during this time and become active during the evening.


Choosing a Type of Pet Hamster

There are around 24 different species of hamster, but only five of these are commonly kept as pets. Learn about the differences between each type of hamster and the care each requires before choosing the one that is best for you and your family.

Syrian | Dwarf | Campbell's Russian | Winter White Russian | Roborovski | Chinese


Buying a Pet Hamster

Learn about the process of buying a hamster. Find out how much keeping a pet hamster costs, the best places to buy, how to make sure you choose a healthy hamster, and advice for when you bring your pet back to its new home and settling it in.

Cost | Where to Buy | Preparing the Cage | Choosing a Hamster | Bringing Home


Supplies For Your Pet Hamster

There are several different supplies that you will need to keep your pet hamster happy and healthy. Discover how to choose the best type of cage for your hamster, what toys you should provide in the cage, and what types of food to feed your pet, as well as information on other supplies. You can even find out how to build your own homemade hamster cage.

Cages | Homemade Cages | Bedding | Bottle and DishToys | Food


Caring For Your Pet Hamster

Hamsters are generally an easy pet to care for, but they still require a fair level of commitment to give them a happy, healthy life. Review the main guidelines for giving your hamster proper care, get detailed information on treating and preventing common health problems, find out how to tame your hamster for handling, and learn how to find your hamster if it escapes.

Health ProblemsTaming | Finding a Lost Hamster

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